- til the Bliar finally buggers off

Reviewing this blog 24th August 2016. Bliar still not tried at The Hague
I've given up on Pooolitics. It stinks. Always will. In fact: ALL WAYS SWILL. lol

Apologies for this old blog (written between 2005 - 2008 ) sentiments remain the same.
(Cherri Gilham Dec 2009)
Blair now states that he would have gone to war REGARDLESS of whether there were WMD.
The arrogant excrement...He was supposed to serve the Electorate!
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The sheer arrogance of the man, to leave office and then get himself a job as middle east fixer.
Does the Slyboots not realise he is fundamental to the ongoing problems in the middle east?
One day I hope to see you at the Hague you Soulless Reptile

But of course he knows
He is a foot soldier of The New World Order. A gun-runner for the Illuminati

Wherever he goes there will be continued strife.........APOLOGIES FOR THIS OLD BLOG WRITTEN BETWEEN 2005 - 2008
I couldn't afford a proper website when I kicked off on the anti-blair path in 2005, hence this blog. Funny how blogs have become the new black today. (Dec-2009)



Hand on Heart......Blair - You WERE Wrong
A world-class wrongness Bliar.

Page updated 21st June 2007.....Businessman Joseph Corre turns down the MBE because of the Bliar.

See the Agent Provacateur founder's compelling statement in today's Independent

Page updated 11th May 2007.......Blair announces his stand-down
Pic below: Cherri 'Blairout' Gilham standing against Tony Blair at General Election May 2005
These are NOT doctored pictures. They are genuine
I stand up for what I believe


Blog prior to 11th May 07 spouted off by Cherri "Blairout' Gilham

Hoping for PEACE
(fat chance with the bliar STILL not listening).

You have SO f*cked our world. Yes I'm lost for words. Exasperated.........

Click here to read Robert Fisk in the Independent today 28th Feb 2007 .

And now the Bushwinker is sending in another 20,000 troops to the Valley of Death.........
Is there no end to the cynisicm of the B+B front?

Boiled-eggs to the B's
I make no effin apology for the language, because words don't kill, but orders effin do!

Click here to read Robert Fisk in the Independent today 11th Jan 2007 .

Blair's not listening to anybody but his rich and powerful tyrant friends. His socialist ideals have gone out of the window since he acquired an insatiable lust for money. He found his nirvana in BUSH.

Blair - - Almost the last person in the world who could bring peace and understanding to the Middle-East
(Words of Mark Malloch Brown, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations (Aug 2006).

Why is Blair so smug?......because he's sold his soul to the devil.
This film on 9/11 is required viewing. Blair's children should see it!!

TAKE RESPONSIBILITY MR. BLAIR. This is what you & buddy bush caused. The disintegration of Iraq. (Click here)
no-care-blair LA LA LA (I'm not listening)

The SURVIVOR (you & me both tone)

Tony Blair likes to choose his biographers. He did NOT choose these two.
That's a good sign. Here we have the biog that Blair did not want.
Francis Beckett and David Hencke have talked to many people both on and off the record -
- friends of the Blairs, MPs, Party officials, former colleagues - to produce the most revealing portrait
yet of a man whose enormous charm conceals a ruthless ambition, an almost
messianic conviction that he is in the right,
and above all a remarkable ability to survive.

Author: Francis Beckett & David Hencke
Publisher: Aurum

  Buy From Amazon  

......................I stood against Blair and smelled the whiff of embalming fluid. When will that rictus smile fall off his face? ......................

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30th April 2006
Free Malcolm Kendall-Smith. It is a disgrace. Imprisoned for refusing to go to Iraq.
Condemn the prison sentence passed on Flight Lieutenant Dr Malcolm Kendall-Smith and offer your full solidarity and support.
The sentence of eight months passed on him for refusing to serve in Basra is an outrage, we should demand his immediate release.
He acted on his conscience in refusing to serve in an illegal war.
In doing so, he acted on behalf of many people in this country.
The judge’s remarks that 'orders have to be obeyed' also give cause for concern.
The Nuremberg trials after the 2nd World War established that obeying illegal orders was no defence against charges of war crimes.
(Slithery Bliar's day surely must come)

It is even more unjust that Kendall-Smith has been jailed while the advocates and perpetrators of this war have never been held to account.

Malcolm Kendall -Smith is an absolute hero.
However much our small voices are drowned out by the thundering war-machine that is Bush and Blair, we must each continue our endeavours to be heard.
Our right to life & free will.
Because where the jokingly God-fearing 2 B's and their power-hungry neo-con greed masters are leading us all aint gonna be no fun.
Armageddon? No thanx. I'll find my own way to the valley of death if you don't mind.

29th Dec 2005

The Guardian Newspaper s Year in Photos has chosen the above pic of Tony Blair and Cherri Gilham in her BLIAR hat as Photo of the month for May 2005.

An icy wind is blowing around Blair s skirts. The time has (over) come to begone.

Click here to see it in Guardian online, then click -politics- then click pic no 5.

12th March 2006

Blair says he'll leave it to God to judge him on Iraq.
I'd take a lot of ice cubes if I were you Tone.
Not for your gin & tonic, but your spell in Hell..arrogant fucking git

We are ruled by people who won't listen.

Great Brit band, THE LOOSE CANNONS, have a single out with the very appropriate title
LA LA LA (I'm not listening)

click here ............and here

Could be the anthem of the 2 B's.

9th Dec 2005

24 September 2005
Sometime during Blair's disastrous reign over us he appears to have had his once sticky-out ears pinned back. But did it make him listen to us any better? NO. Iraq is a worsening bloodbath. Our troops must be brought home. NOW.

Cherri BLAIROUT-Gilham
(asked her Sedgefield supporters during the General Election 2005 to use their vote for Reg Keys, whose soldier son was slain in a bloody massacre in the bogus Iraq invasion )
Blood on your souls Bush and Blair
Blair...Pull your FINGER OUT and get the Troops Out.
Iraq one year on ...a bloody mess.
CLICK HERE.......Yes...we wiped the smirk off Blairs face.....Ha ha ha
the loose cannons
olives in palestine
make poverty history
compassion in world farming
United for Peace
Robert Fisk in the Independent explains Bush & Bin Laden
Addicted to War? Click here. Learn more. Buy the comic book.
Guardian Angels led me to this place
On Election night, (May 2005), when each of the Parliamentary Candidates is allowed a short speech, Cherri said to Blair
Will The Blair have heeded this? Unlikely ducky...not while there's oil in them there golden sandy fields!

7th July 2005
BLIAR reaps his reward for IRAQ and London pays.
Will this be an excuse to go into Iran now?
Shame on you Blair & Bush
Where would we be without our wonderful Fire, Ambulance, Police working tirelessly?
The whole world is watching, commenting and sympathising.
Bad as this is, we must not forget that the same carnage is happening daily in Iraq. Sadly the world turns a blind eye.
The tragedy will & does continue, not just in London, but all around the world. Because we are selfish and materialistic and when we have something, we want more. Our greed stops our ability to empathise and understand the plight and reasonings of others who share views other than our own.
I've said it elsewhere and I'll say it here


Because it's obvious we cannot do this on our own

Posted July 7th 2005 London
The city was back to normal by 4.30pm except for those poor innocent souls who lost friends and family members.
Those who are injured stand the added risk of getting MRSA in our still filthy hospitals.
Why don't you address THAT issue Prime Minister?
Not a world stage item so therefore not satisfying enough for your vast ego?
I wonder if the poor victims voted for Blair and if they're pleased they did.

The tragedy is all down to Blair and Bush.

This would NOT have happened if we had not gone into Iraq and stirred up a hornets nest in the muslim/fundamentalist world. Many of us here in the UK (2/3rds of us who didn't vote for Bliar) believe that the real terrorists are the Two B's and their neo-con cronies.

For those of you wondering..After the 2005 General Election I changed my name back to CHERRI GILHAM (from Cherri Blairout-Gilham)
I had changed it so that I would be on the Election Ballot paper right under Blair. (The only following he would get from me) Blair on top of a (former) Page Three Bird. Ha Ha......the ridicule.
I always knew my trollopy past would one day pay off:)

2009 comment: Interesting how the Sun newspaper took all reference to my Page 3 past OFF their website as their head honcho, Rupert Murdoch, was heavily in support of his teaboy Bliar. Hahaaaa

Don't bother to Click here for my Page 3 credentials as they no longer appear!
Woohoo....I've become respectable.LOL

2001: George Bush withdraws the US, the world's biggest CO2 emitter, from Kyoto, alleging it will damage America's economy - jeopardising the whole process.

STOP the Bush & Blair thirst for BLOOD & OIL

THIS IS OUR WORLD TOO YOU KNOW. Not just the world of the Neo-Conservatives and their Full Spectrum Domination

Blair takes tea in the White House with Bush who strokes his little poodle on the head and says,
"Stop snapping at my heels. The answer is. You help us , we help ourselves. We wanna stay rich fat cats and we don't give a stuff about our childrens' future".

"But but but" stammers Blair,"Help me out here. I've got to make myself look good at the G8 Conference otherwise I'll go down in history as a soul-selling lying butcher of Baghdad"

"Well Howdee doodie old pardner. You just lucked out"

Blair, plaintively,"But George, I helped you when you needed me"

"Listen pardner. We're running out of our own oil supplies. We gotta get our oil from the middle east. We have a deal. Dates back to Roosevelt. So don't blame me. "

And we will fight by military means to secure the oil we need to run our economy. And we will exchange it for the blood of our own soldiers.
Without oil we will not be the rulers of the world.

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Reg Keys' moving speech at UK General Election 2005